A bit of this… and that

I really need to organize my blogs.

I also don’t know why sometimes in the WP editor the font is either Georgia (which I prefer) or Ariel.

So welcome, all, to my yet again new blog. I’m starting to think I’m incapable of being one of those people who can reference their blog posts from like way back in the day. I don’t know what it is, I just like starting fresh, I guess. Or I might just be really picky about my user name. Who knows.


There’s a lot of in between  going on right now, I guess. Playing a few waiting games. School at UoP is starting up again next week and I can’t really say I’m excited. Cause I’m not. I’m a little upset because our new financial person failed to mention that our previous class was going to cost an extra $600. And  that put a HUGE dent in my grant which put a HUGE dent into how much I have left for my next classes (annnd as extra cash, just to be honest). So yeah, I got about $2000 less than what I was expecting back. Which blows because we have some built up fee’s to pay back.

In a way, this is also my fault. My fault for not taking care of the built up fee’s long ago. For not having a source of income since moving back. For not saving enough money while I was away and just a million other reasons. But of course, no one likes to think something is their own fault and I can’t say I’m not the same. Even though I know, deep down inside, it’s kinda sorta really completely my fault.

I’ve taken a two week break from my book blog. I don’t know why. I’ve been taking a break every other week since the year started. I think because I took that 8 month break because of my internship last year, I went nuts when I got home and tried to catch up and rebuild my relationships with both fellow bloggers and publishers that I burned myself out. And now with a bit of drama going on in that world, I spent the first week off stepping back and trying to think of where I wanted my blog to go. What I wanted to do with it. And now, I’m trying to convince myself that it’s a good idea. On top of that I’ve been a little overwhelmed with all the books I have for review. I’ve realized that I don’t read as fast as I did when I first started this (it use to take me two nights to finish a book // I use to read 100 pages per hour, now I can’t force myself to read for a full hour no matter how much I try). It’s a little discouraging but I’m trying not to guilt myself for it. This is suppose to be a hobby, not a job.

I finally finished (and started) getting V-Day gifts for my parents. I haven’t been very confident in my gift getting since Christmas. It sucks not having a credit card and I don’t know why I’m saying that since it’s been two years since I froze all of my accounts. I guess it just sucks when holidays creep up and you have no money to get anyone anything. We’re not going anywhere because someone was busy playing games to make reservations. But it’s okay, I don’t really care I guess. I’m not in a very celebrating mood, which sucks cause I love V-Day. I didn’t get myself anything this year, nothing I really wanted, at least nothing that wasn’t something I need. Oh wait, I did get some stuff from the MAC Vera collection (cause I gotta rep for my fake last name and it’s been awhile since I’ve been excited about a MAC collection) but I didn’t spend as much as I had hoped, again with the lack of credit cards thing.

M got me back ups of my soon to be discontinued deodorant (I know it sounds silly but I’m really picky when it comes to this and I’ve been using this brand/scent since ’07 and it hasn’t given me an allergic reaction yet so I’m sticking to it! Sucks it’s being discontinued though) and jeans. I’ve discovered the awesome-ness of little girl jeans. 1) They fit PERFECT on me 2) I love the adjustable straps on the inside 3) They’re super comfy and 4) They’re $12. I mean, COME ON. REALLY? He also found this game in the Apple app store called Triple Town. I’ve been playing it non stop of the last two weeks. Yay for free addicting iPhone games!!


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