A day of… PAiN

The other night I was attacked by a headache of DOOM that wouldn’t go away, even with sleepy meds. Luckily half way through yesterday it finally went away. But last night I was hit again with a stress headache. Again, sleepy-time meds didn’t help. I really hope I’m not building a tolerance to it… that would suck. It eventually went away after I ate a bit though, so thank goodness for finally being headache free!

So I went about my day, actually finished a book (that I’m pretty… disappointed in, for lack of better word) and posted a review for Vine (one down, four to go). Started laundry and my lower back started aching really bad. By the time I had put the stuff in the dryer and got back to the room… my left side to my lower back was in INTENSE pain. I can’t even describe it. It was like a reverse stomach cramp I guess. All I know was that I was in PAIN and I was whimpering and crying. Like seriously, that shit hurt. Once it started to cool down, I fell asleep for awhile. At least when I got up, I felt a little better (on a semi ehh note M was on his game the whole time).

At least I’m feeling better now, my back still has a slight dull ache. I need to slow down on the soda and drink more water or something. I think I’m gonna grab a yogurt after I post this entry. I just miss eating healthy. It’s so hard to eat healthy when you’re not really forced to. I mean, I still try, but it’s harder here than it was in Orlando.

My bro got a new vacuum and he was vacuuming around… my dog hates vacuums. He always has. So he was stuck walking around in circles in my mom’s room asking me for belly rubs. He’s so silly! I love my grumpy furball though. He’s so silly! I was trying to get a video of it, but he also hates cameras and he ran away by then lol. Damn, maybe next time…


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