Feeling better… :D

So I’m finally feeling better… thank goodness.

Got some Olive Garden to go and as I was picking up the pasta, everything fell out. Thankfully it all fell into the bag and not on the carpet… or I would had been pissed. Other than that, the afternoon has flew passed me. I have nothing prepared on my book blog for next week… I’m debating on if I should take another break but I’ve taken one too many breaks this year already. Meh.

Painted my nails this pretty green pastel color (posted a picture on FB, too lazy to upload it here) and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I’m starting to think pretty pastels don’t work with my skin tone, but then I naturally gravitate towards darker colors. This is sort of the first time I’ve tried a light cream color so maybe I’m just not use to it. Hubs opinion doesn’t really count either since he prefers me in dark colors since it’s what he’s use to seeing on me.

Got some projects on my mind, as always and as always I’m excited to get started on them! I think taking this week off from the outside world was a good thing. Even if I was sick and in pain. I feel well rested now and ready to get back to work :).


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