Shopping && Sprint

So the other day, something happened that kinda made me sad. It was the kind of sad where M kinda sensed it and as soon as it was over, he pulled me off the laptop to lay with him and tell him about it. There are advantages and disadvantages when your husband can tell what you’re feeling and there’s no sense in lying.

So yesterday he took me out. I paid some bills and I did a little shopping. We stopped by the mall and I got an Animation 2 Vinylmation (Kim Possible… again! Ugh!) and a cute Snow White tanktop. Went and exchanged my candle at Bath & Body Works (love their return policy) and grabbed the 3 new Honey infused lip balms (tried Honey Strawberry so far and it’s mehh). Then we headed over to one of my favorite plaza’s for project cardigan lol!

We went into F21 first and I spotted this really really cute blue ruffled dress I really wanted. But M decided against it. I hate when he decides against clothes I really really want. But most of the time when he says something isn’t right for me, he’s usually, 100% right. But I will have that dress!! lol. So we moved on. Didn’t find anything I wanted in Sephora (I know, shocking right? Maybe I should say I didn’t find anything I wanted to spend my money on). Got 2 other candles from Bath & Body Works here because they had 2 scents the mall didn’t have (whats up with that)! M got me a root beer float to make me feel better (aww, loves) and took a quick look at MAC. Headed over to H&M and I found my cardigan!! I’m so excited!! I also got this cute set of nail polish (:

After shopping, we headed over to Target to get some snacks and I needed to get a pillow, but they were lacking in the pillow department lol. Headed over to Bed Bath & Beyond to exchange a Lip Butter for a nail polish, decided on another Lip Butter just because… I dunno, I have my perfect red… I don’t need another one! But you can’t have too much nail polish (: then headed to Michaels and I found SMASH BOOKS!!! They’re like, scrapbooks sorta. I don’t know exactly how else to describe them but I got one to match up with my food blog. It’ll be fun! I’m tempted to tidy this room a little and get some pretty fake spring flowers and make a cute little display out of them. We’ll see.

I’m so excited for spring! And Easter!

Headed home, pooped (:

TODAY we went out for sushi and headed to Target — again. M suggested I just spend the extra couple of dollars and get a feather pillow to stop my excessive pillow buying. This one seems sturdy (the pillow in my room is also a feather but it stabs me) so hopefully it doesn’t stab me. Got some Moleskins (in purple!!) cause I was in epic need of them and some Butterfingers (: M put away my spring sprinkles. Lame! After that we headed over to Nuggets to grab some soda annnd headed home.

I tried using my card at Target but it was declined… which isn’t possible cause I know I didn’t spend $300 yesterday so I had absolutely no idea how or why my card would be declined. So I get home and check it and it turns out that SPRINT charged MY card twice for the phone bill and M’s card once. But the thing that gets me is that I have never synced my card to our phone account so I have NO idea how they even got the number. On top of that, M’s card is the only one synced to our phone account. When I called the other day to pay through the phone, I was prompted to enter a security code, which we both thought was weird since this is M’s usually method of paying the bill. So I tried twice, cause I didn’t understand, so I guess that’s where the two charges came from. But when he hung up and called again, the card number changed and it resumed its usual… usualings. So… I dunno what happened there… but now I’m $-200 on my account and there’s nothing I can do until Monday.

How the hell did they get my card number and why was it there? And if it was declined both times, why are they “holding” my money? It makes no sense. And I’m pretty pissed cause that means no money this whole weekend. Wtf. This is exactly why I pay the bill in cash and in person. To avoid dumb shit like this. Ugh.

Tomorrow will be spent working on our power point since one of our team mates doesn’t seem too promising. I’m also hoping to clean this room a bit and to do a little bit of blogging/blog organizing.

Probably gonna try to talk CJ into doing a food blog too (: haha! Got that new Krave cereal for review from Amazon Vine… I love getting food for review lol.

Getting drowsy and I need to shower, can’t wait to try out my new feather pillow!


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