Leap Day!


I sort of wish I had been able to go to a Disney park for One More Day but reading the tweets through out the day… I can’t handle being at a Disney park when it’s super packed so I probably would had been unhappy lol.

My day wasn’t too excited.

I started the day doing laundry, it was raining pretty hard last night so it was still pretty cold and gloomy but you know… I prefer to do laundry when no one’s home/awake. So I was done putting stuff in the washer and what do I spot? This!

2 out of the 5 stray kittens that have been around since December. These two were totally scoping out the inside of the house. One of the other ones was behind them. Every time I’d walk up to the door, they would run, but the one on the left kept coming back. I felt so bad for them! I’m sure they were cold. I would happily let them in, if my dad wouldn’t had freaked the fuck out lol!

I decided to stay home but considering it was leap day, I wanted to go out. And mostly because I was craving my new favorite salad from Panera Bread (LOL). So we fed the kittens and headed out to get food. M tried a new bowl at Chipotle (beef brisket) and it was DELICIOUS and of course, I got my Thai Chicken Salad!

I am SERIOUSLY addicted to this stuff!! The peanut sauce, the soy sauce at the bottom… OMG!

After lunch, we went to check if Ulta finally opened and it didn’t. But there’s an opening date, finally!! Walked over to get ice cream at Fentons because I’ve been craving my chocolate marble ice cream like crazy and stopped by the Jelly Belly store where M had a grand time with the kind old lady who works there and she was trying to get him to try all sorts of gross Harry Potter jelly beans. Seriously, I should had snapped a picture. It was cute, they were laughing and talking for a really long time (:

After that we stopped by Nuggets to get some Lunchables for dinner. I totally forgot to grab some more soda too, ah! And headed home.

Doing some more laundry. Can’t wait to bundle up and go to sleep!


M: What did we do last leap day?
Me: We had another leap day?!
M: *sad face* It’s every four years… we’ve been together for almost ten…


LOL my bad! And I totally miss ending my entries with convo of the day/week!


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