Bits of my weekend

Bay Area adventures: Paris Baguette & Mochicream
Sunday lunch // headache cures // shredded squid!


This weekend was filled with my favorite thing… FOOD!!! On Friday M took me out on an adventure. We started with Paris Baguette in Palo Alto for lunch. That sandwich was delicious and the place was super affordable. Not to mention that the cafe was really cute. We spent a bit of the afternoon at the Stanford Shopping Center. I actually went into Sprinkles and didn’t get anything for the first time ever (GAAASP, I know) and we had a tackle fight in front of Sephora because I was trying to escape and he was trying to pull me away lol. Then we went to get his free chocolate bar for checking in via FourSquare which he named “Martin” because it had no brand name.

The rest of the weekend was spent well, eating. We had our usual Sunday lunch (Chipotle and Panera Bread) and we stopped by Target to get some stuff along with a Passion Tea Lemonade at Starbucks (why doesn’t the Target in our city have a Starbucks?!) to try to ease my headache, which usually works. Came home and snacked on my childhood favorite… shredded squid!

I’m starting to feel a little under the weather, hopefully it passes. M on the other hand is being a big baby and swearing like he’s sicker than me and cooing for attention. Boys!


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