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I’m debating on making a list of foods I need to eat each day/week. My body has been going through some weird changes the last week or so. I’m not 100% sure it has to do with my health or it’s an allergic reaction (to what though?) or whatever, but some things around here need to change, now.

M freaked out awhile ago and started getting on me about taking my iron pills, so I have been all week, and OMG!! It’s been making me feel awful. I feel more sluggish and weak and I’m constantly tired. It makes me feel incredibly off balanced and I can’t deal with that feeling. While the iron pills do seem to be helping with other things, it’s always taking away a lot. Decided last night to stop the iron pills (and today I feel *so* much better since I skipped it) and maybe I’ll go back to One A Day and Iron Bran cereal or something.

The reason I bring up making a list of foods I need to eat is because a year or so ago I stopped eating beef. I don’t know, I kind of just hit a point where I couldn’t stomach it anymore. This did not make M happy lol. He was not okay with me just eating fruits and veggies but he stepped back and let me… but not without protesting a few times. Like when I’d get sick. And now that this is happening, he’s really unhappy about it. I guess it doesn’t help that I’m already off weight balance and I’m tiny :\ I mean I eat beef, just not as often as I probably should. I can’t help it if I’d rather have lettuce and pickles for lunch (I mean I have other stuff too, but I’m just sayin)! But I can’t really deny that the burger I had for lunch today made me feel like a million times better.




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