Through every single argument the two of us had…

Now Playing: Hello My Love by Pinay

Yesterday was sort of a total fail. Mochicream trip wasn’t as great as the first time. The two flavors we got (Chocolate Banana && Apple Pie) sucked. Didn’t end up finding any new clothes (M is incredibly hard to shop for). I did get Daisy by Marc Jacobs finally though. I found that Sephora gift card I was suppose to use on my Naked palette. Oh and M hit a raccoon on the way home…. the animal activist in me is really sad. But really, that fucker shoulda knew what it was doing. Gah. Why do animals do shit like that! If the texture under your feet is different, DON’T GO THERE.

Listening to some OG Fil-Am songs… *shrug. They weren’t really all that great times. But I dunno.

Open ended strings.

They suck.


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