New class, busy weeks

I have a new class starting tomorrow, World Religions II. I don’t get how I got into “part II” of this class when I never got into “part I”. But… I guess. I’m pretty excited for it, I guess. Week one’s reading is going to be done on paganism and wicca so yeah, that’s pretty exciting. But the rest of the weeks are going to focus on other religions I don’t care much for lol. But I guess that’s a good place to start since most religions came from that.

The thing I’m not excited about is that we have a 700-1,050 word paper due tomorrow on our week one reading but the teacher extended it to Friday since something had happened or whatever. I just hate how UoP works that way, the classroom isn’t set up until the day before class and they expect us to write a paper in ONE night? Insane. Next week we have another 700-1,050 word paper due on a different religion.

It’s also frustrating cause I have nowhere I can do homework. I can’t really do it in our room cause M is always on his game/headset and I can’t concentrate. I can’t really do homework in my room because I can hear everything that goes on in the house. Like the constant on and off of the faucet. I wish my netbook had Word on it so I could just go to Starbucks or something and do my damn homework in peace (at least more peace than I can get at home).

I finished most of Amazon reviews, I have one left to do and I’m debating on if I should do it now or wait. I’m not really stressing over it. I need to figure something out with this book review stuff cause it’s really stressing me out right now. I need to do something about this stress in general. I’m getting random eczema patches all over me and just ugh, all sorts of health issues I can’t fix right now.

In complete other news, girls are stupid and whack. Seriously. Towards guys, towards each other, in general. They really need to calm their vagina’s.


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