To get out && do MORE

College is kicking my ass hardcore right now.


I finally finished my essay on religion. I like the teacher and he makes class interesting. But the homework? OMGGGG. I’m just glad I’m done with that paper. There’s something very satisfying about finishing a paper with an hour to spare. Ah. I wonder what having a day to spare feels like…. hm lol. But I’m just taking a break before looking over the next chapter for the PowerPoint I have to do next week. Especially since M is too busy on his damn game to do anything having to do with school. I don’t care if he’s wasting his day gaming it away, but witnessing it? That just irritates me. I’m so ready to just sort/clean my room and move back in there cause watching him doing the same shit everyday is driving me nuts.

I finally set up a somewhat day-by-day plan organizing the days when I’ll focus on blogging (and which blogs), homework, crafting and errands. I need some serious organization in my life! I’m pretty excited about this.

I’m pretty much failing at my March goals, but it’s okay. It was month one, I’ll do better next month I’m sure. I did get around to trying 1 cheese. I can’t decide on another one. I’m going to focus on this homework and I’ll spend the rest of the week/weekend cleaning/tidying the room and reading. Spring is coming and so are the bugs, not excited for that. Not at all.

I’m tired and achy. I have been the last few days. I need a serious massage on my right shoulder. I hate having specific aches. I need to figure out how to sleep earlier, but at the same time it’s hard when someone’s constantly on their game/headset and won’t stfu!! How do married people stand being in the same room?! I miss having my own room! lol No, seriously.

I think I’m okay enough now to get back to working on my blogs. I downloaded the PhotoShop CS6 beta last night, I haven’t messed with it too much… it looks… interesting though. I need to install StarCraft II and Sims3 on my MBP, but I’m being lazy. I hate installing shit. Foreal!

I’m rocking to Jay-R‘s CD, he does some pretty darn good covers. It’s super relaxing right now. If I had bubbles and a bath… I’d have a party! LOL!


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