Bits of my weekend

Original & Blood Orange Pinkberry // Meeting Ari
Bacon Maple cupcake // nail polish & video games ♥

This is a recap of last last weekend. Not in order, because… I have no idea but it’s bothering me lol.

The other week we ventured over to my favorite mall which happens to be like an hour away to look for something for M to wear to the wedding, but came up empty handed. We had lunch at The Counter which is quickly turning into an addiction and we got somePinkberry since it’s been so long. And to be honest, I really wanted to try that cone circle thing (which was DELICIOUS). We got half original and half blood orange which was a really refreshing mix.

The next day was the wedding, we hung out nearby and got Krispy Kreme! I also may or may not have ran across the parking lot and street — in the rain — to get Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. I’ve been searching everywhere for them!! I was tempted to get two boxes, but I only got one. I’ll be good! We got to meet our niece Ari before the wedding, they gave her to me because Raena KNOWS I don’t like touching babies and no one wanted to take her! M kept poking her and she was squirming and making faces. Freaked me OUT! Haha. But he took her eventually (she slept through the whole ceremony) and he looked SO cute with her! He was talking to her and giving her kisses. Makes me a little sad that I swore off on not having kids. Sorry boo.

Spent the rest of the weekend painting my nails and playing video games (:


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