March goals recap!

Last month I started a monthly goals list which is pretty much just a list of things I hoped to accomplish by the time the month was over. Since it’s the first month I attempted, I tried to make goals that were attainable and not too extreme. Like with all lists, I hoped to at least cross off half of what was on there but I wasn’t going to beat myself up if I didn’t.

  • Purge things every week before class
  • Mail out RAK (which shoulda been done early Feb)
  • Make homework #1 priority
  • Figure out a system schedule for blogging
  • Take more pictures
  • Drink 1/2 a bottle of water per day
  • Try 2 different types of cheeses
  • Read 3-4 books
  • Read 1 Classic book
  • Tidy closet OR desk
  • Re-organize a book shelf
  • Try Salted Caramel

So how did I do?

→ I only purged once in March. That’s not to say I haven’t been trying. It’s difficult for me to part with things even though I know I haven’t used them/won’t use them. But I’m still trying to keep up with purging every week before class.

→ With the RAK, I attempted to go to the post office but the line would be too long and I wouldn’t have enough time to wait. I’m hoping to FOR SURE send it out this week though (not to mention my post office is under construction for some reason so the waiting room is even smaller).

→ I did a pretty good job of putting homework first the last few weeks, I hope I can keep this up.

→ Finally did come up with some sort of schedule for blogging, I may have to rearrange some things but it’s better than nothing!

→ While I already do take a ton of pictures, I most take them of quirky things I pass or of food, I tried to take pictures of other things, but I didn’t try hard enough.

→ The water drinking thing was a fail.

→ Reading was a fail, school has been very time consuming lately. Especially this current class I’m in!

→ I managed to tidy the closet area, but it got cluttered again so that doesn’t count lol.

→ I wasn’t able to re-organize the bookshelf at all.


I know my goal was to try two different cheeses in March, but I decided on just one instead. Trying one cheese a month is enough if you’re not actually somewhere where they serve different types of cheese. So I went with this one…

I’ve had my eye on this cheese for awhile (it’s actually what inspired that goal to be completely honest). So for some strange reason I thought there would be bacon in it. I think it was the “Apple Smoked” that tricked my mind out. But either way, the cheese was really good. Creamy. And this probably won’t make sense but I told M last night that if San Francisco wharf were to be put in a cheese, it would taste like this lol! It reminded me of hot summer Pier 39 summers. Does that make sense? I dunno.

One goal I was really looking forward to was trying Salted Caramel. I searched on Yelp for a place around me that would have it (without having to drive into San Francisco) and the only thing I found was this…

I mean, it’s pretty much the same concept, right? Just that you know… it’s covered in chocolate… lol. I personally think the dark chocolate enhanced the salt on top. Though it doesn’t look like much, it packed a nice punch. I’m still eager to try just plain salted caramel (and not pay $14 for a box either).

That’s pretty much my recap for March, I’ll be putting up my April goals soon. I just have to think them a little more through. Don’t be surprised if some of the same goals make another appearance!


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