82° on a Friday

It’s pretty warm out today, it was pretty warm out yesterday too… I’m kinda enjoying it! I didn’t however, enjoy the stupid carpet beetle chilling on my slipper socks when I woke up this morning. Ahh, California — where the spring/summer bugs don’t waste time moving in!

I’m on a bit of a school “break” this week, so I thought I’d dive a bit back into blogging. I didn’t realize how much I’ve been neglecting blogging until my previous class (Religion II) was over. I was so caught up in getting my homework done (which no joke, were mostly PowerPoint presentations) and freaking out (I’m not big on public speaking). I have Bio next which I think will be pretty much cake… considering I took it 7 times in high school (LOL don’t ask, well you can if you want, I don’t mind lol)!

I didn’t make a monthly goal list for April because considering class, I didn’t think I would have much time to do that sort of thing (and I was right, April is almost over and I wouldn’t had completed anything). Depending on how time consuming the next class is, I may be doing one for May.

Since the weather is getting warmer, I’m a little more inspired to start wearing makeup again. I haven’t really been into it since nothing new has really caught my attention… or maybe I’m just over the intense part of that hobby but I do miss getting dolled up and doing my hair and stuff. So I made a sort of deal with myself, I won’t buy anything ridic until I hit pan on something. An eye shadow I use a lot when I do wear make up is MAC All That Glitters and Urban Decay Half Baked. I think I used only Half Baked the whole 8 months I lived in Florida last year and I’m still nowhere near hitting pan! Gosh, you really get your money’s worth there! But I’d really rather hit man on an individual shadow than something in an expensive palette (like my Naked palette) cause that would just be depressing!

Other than that, I’ve been trying to get back into video games… played StarCraft 2 with my best friend Bumble Beeez the other night, that was fun. Besides being on a MacBook and having it not run as smooth as it does on a PC. He pretty much destroyed me, but it’s okay, I’ll warm back up lol! Been playing Dynasty Warriors with the hubby on PS3. I’m enjoying it. He had me try it on the PS2 years ago when I got my wisdom teeth pulled out but I wasn’t digging it back then. I think it’s just more fun now cause he’s playing WITH me. I’ve also gotten back on Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep on the PSP. I’m on Aqua right now. I don’t think I’ll be playing Terra, not sure why… just not really interested in him. He’s kinda like Riku, I just don’t care lol!

I’ll be updating soon with pictures, including my birthday getaway to Vegas last week soon! 😀


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