Healthier eating habits… are a challenge

Since I’m getting older, there’s so much more to worry about — health-wise these days. Anti Aging, what you’re eating, how active you are, if you’re taking vitamins, etc etc… and even though I’m not old, they always say it’s never too early to start.

But since I am getting older, I see the shitty effects. I’m not as alert or energetic as I use to be, I’d rather not stay out passed 9PM if I can help it and just the inside of my body feels… icky. Does anyone else feel this way? I admit, I don’t take the best care of myself and I should! But it’s hard and it’s especially hard when you’re a broke college student and nothing within proximity is anywhere near healthy and you have a presentation and paper due soon.

Sure I could cook for myself but since I’m staying with my parents, that isn’t much of an option since they assume I don’t know what I’m doing even though I went to culinary school and I’ve lived on my own before so obviously I CAN cook for myself. I guess when you’re staying with your parents they’d rather believe you’re the younger you who didn’t really know how to do anything *sigh*. At times I do cook for myself, when no one’s home or everyone’s asleep.

I’ve written about this before, and I’m sad to say that I haven’t really stuck by it. For the reasons stated above.

I have considered making a deal with myself. I haven’t decided what the reward is and I totally just made this up now, but roll with me lol. I’ll research what foods do what and what would be best in helping me be more healthy (even if it means having to eat beef again), try to ween myself off soda (I have a serious addiction to soda) and try to be more active.

I need to start feeling better about myself and I’m tired of always feeling icky. I’ll update with my findings and maybe make a segment on my blog on me eating better.


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