Steady Saturday

M found this new game on PSN called Dungeon Defenders and had me play the demo with him. I love how most games he tries on PSN, he puts into consideration if I’d like them too and he finds all these games for us to play together. I liked it, it kinda reminds me of StarCraft a very very little bit because I have to build things that shoot out and cover them with walls lol. But it’s a really cute game!

I’m super groggy right now but feeling pretty relaxed like I can just sit and read for an hour or two, haven’t had that feeling in awhile!!

I have to get my slides in for the presentation on Tuesday by tomorrow night. Lucky enough for me I’m doing just the intro and the conclusion so I don’t really have to pull information for any of my slides. We had a Learning Team meeting yesterday and it went… well. I was a little distracted by The Food Channel that was on in the student lounge kitchen but I offered bits and pieces here and there. I have to talk myself into being more confident during my presentations, which is HARD! We have a LT member who is kinda… MIA a lot I guess you could say. He actually showed up though, so that was a surprise. Really, it was. I still have to the rest of my chapter terms which is going to suck since I’m only half way done with chapter 1 and we have 4 other chapters to do them on. Ughhh!

Going to do some work on my food blog today that I’m excited to launch. Gotta work on my other food blog too and a few of my other blogs. Hopefully my relaxed feeling will encourage me to be productive and not unproductive.

For the most part, I’m hoping today in all will be relaxing (:


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