“Real me love Jesus”? So what does that make the rest of us?

On my way home today, we were stuck behind a truck that had a bumper sticker on its back window that said “Real me love Jesus”.

Just a bit of background, I was raised Roman Catholic (yeah, seriously) and while I let go of that religion almost 5 years ago, I respect the fact that my parents and family members still believe in God (I just wish they respected the fact that I don’t in return). My subconscious thinks there could had been a God, only because it was drilled into my head for so many years but my conscious does not. Letting go of a religion is a lot harder than you might think it is even if you strongly feel like that religion isn’t meant for you.

I never felt like believing in God was for me. Even when I was a kid stuck in CCD for all those years, I never really understood what everyone was feeling. I always looked at it as fiction story time. And as I got older, I could understand what everyone was saying but I didn’t feel it. Because my parents are so strong in their religion, bringing up the fact that I didn’t think I believed in God would had be like, suicide back then. But even when my mom brought it up a few years ago, what was it that I believed in, she wasn’t happy with my response.

Here’s my deal with people who feel the need to tell the WORLD they believe in God…

You don’t see a Buddhist with a bumper sticker that says “Real men believe in Buddha” do you? You don’t see an Atheist with a bumper sticker that says “Real men think for themselves (fuck religion)” do you? It’s only the people who believe in God that are quick to come up with some snarky offensive quote and pass it around like it’s the church collection basket to those who don’t believe. Then they come up to us and say that we’re “too scared” to believe. That we’re “lost”. That weNEED to be “saved”. Are we not free to choose a religion other than YOURS? Are we not allowed to admit that we feel out of place or disinterested in something?Are we less of people because we don’t believe?

I want to say that I find these bumper stickers offensive because while it’s your car and it’s your life, there’s a difference between that and someone putting a bumper sticker on their car because they’re gay and they want to show their pride or a parent who’s kid is in the honor roll. They are showing their pride within their lives, but you’re showing your pride by making someone else feel like shit. And that’s just not right.


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