What I would do for some A/C right about now…

It’s so hot today!! Or yesterday, since it’s 242am. But still, OMGGGG! It’s not so much that it’s hot, just that this room is hot since we got two laptops, a fan, a PS3 and a TV running. That’s never good. Ugh, what I would do for some A/C and maybe a bigger room so the air can actually ventilate!

I’m so jealous Brenna is checking in tomorrow, wahhh! I miss Florida!! And she’ll get to be there during the holidays, how cool is that?! I’m still hoping to go to DLand for Halloween, I really want to see my villains!

I spent some time editing pictures (hopefully I don’t forget which ones cause that would be bad) for blog posts, networking a bit (ain’t as easy as it use to be!), reading some Of Posiedon and doing some Greek Mythology research for project #2 ! Which feels promising. But they all feel promising in the beginning, don’t they??

Dad decided to tape my car back together. Uh, yeah. About that. Whatever gets me to class next week for this damn final and final presentation. I’m not even nervous, I just want to be done and out this stupid class already!!!

That’s about all  going on, besides the cool weekend we had in Walnut Creek lol. Dim Sum lunch and Macarons (that were pretty but so not impressive)! Maybe I’ll post pictures later. Gotta get to purging again, gotta really slim it down… quick!


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