Discovering a new city!

When you’ve lived in the Bay Area your whole life, there’s really very little to do. Sure I could venture around San Francisco, to the same places I always do but I don’t. In fact I have been to SF in about six months. From where I’m located you have to pay toll twice. Once to get in to SF and once when you’re leaving SF. That’s $10 of toll money. On top of that, it’s pretty impossible to go anywhere in SF without paying for parking and depending on which part of SF you’re trying to get to, you may have to pay for parking multiple times. Probably explains why almost everyone who lives IN SF refuse to get a car. It’s insane.

So I prefer to hang out in cities where I don’t have to pay double toll and I don’t have to pay for parking.

Yesterday I went somewhere I’ve only heard of but never actually been to. I had to pick up tickets for a very exciting book signing event and I figure I could familiarize myself with the area. Nothing sucks more than going to an event and having no clue where you are or what to do when you get there.

So we find parking (which thankfully wasn’t impossible), pick up the tickets and we go walking. Because that’s what my husband and I like to do, we like to walk. We were pretty hungry and finding a place to eat was becoming difficult. There were a few cafes and bistro’s along the marina but ironically none of them served seafood… go figure, right? So we walked down a little farther and honestly, I was on the hunt for pasta. I’m always in the mood for pasta! So we come across this mini plaza and I check out one of the menu’s. It wasn’t that extensive, just a few items for every category but they had pasta!

This was my dish, the shrimp & scallops pasta with tomato sauce, olives and sun dried tomatoes and it was delicious. Best tomato sauce pasta I’ve ever had! The scallops were juicy and perfect! So were the shrimps! The olives added a nice balance to the rest of the dish. Will definitely be getting this again!

M had the chicken sandwich which came with a side of salad and three fresh potato chips which was really really good.

We both appreciated the fact that we were full by the end of our meal but didn’t feel bloated like we normally do. Puts into perspective what kind of food you’ve been eating, doesn’t it? Maybe I should spend more time in little bistro’s like this instead of chain places like Olive Garden (though if you know me at all, you should know how much I adore Olive Garden). We also tried their Lemon Panna Cotta with strawberry sauce and fresh blackberries, so good!

After lunch we strolled through the shops on the other side. It was one of those places, with lots of mini shops at every corner. I love places like that!

We stumbled on a chocolate shop that carried these!! The Celtic Sea Salt ones are my favorite. I’m completely addicted to them. But the place I usually go to doesn’t have all these extra flavors. They only have the Sea Salt and the Chewy. Huh, weird. I managed to grab a bag of the Sea Salts (for $11!! The place I usually buy them at is $.99, this place charges $.69 but the bag has well over 11 pieces). Maybe I’ll try the other flavors next time I’m here. And a truffle or two.

We also stopped by this cute Chinese store, like the ones you see in Chinatown in SF and got my mom a blue Buddha that symbolizes good luck, I think. The one I wanted to her, they didn’t have in blue. Wahhh.

Today is going to be filled with review writing and homework. Is it September yet? I’m ready to take my break!


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