Because sometimes, I’m out of control!

Yesterday I went to feed the cats and sneak a peek at the kittens. Most of them were around but when I got closer, they all hid lol. These two cuties stayed still though.

Ignore hubby’s finger in the way. He obviously doesn’t know how to take pictures with an iPhone lol. The one on the left hisses but he’s like “the protector” sort of and the one on the right looks like a fluffy long hair! There’s another one that looks just like it but it has more white and looks like the mommy. They’re such cuties!

You know how I previously mentioned (at least I think I did) that when I fall in love with a dish/place I always want to go back? Well yeah, yesterday was one of those days. You know, four days after the first visit? Yeahhhhh.

So we drove an hour away so I could get my yummy pasta dish and didn’t realize the place closed at 3 then opened back up at 5 for dinner (it’s one of those places…) but they were nice enough to let us stay and order, so we did. But I felt really really rushed and I kinda hate that. I didn’t enjoy my dish to it’s potential but it’s okay, I guess. Nice to know for next time.

After that, we went around walking. I got some more salted caramels and tried a truffle from the shops case line (so I can write a more proper review on the place). Well it was a chocolate covered salted caramel… that salt really punches you!

We walked around some more, spent some time at the book store and I spotted the Oz set pictured above. I can’t wait to have my own library and put together an Oz book set of my own! We also stopped by the ice cream shop to have a look. I decided I wanted retro candy instead so we asked for directions to the candy shop.



I’ve found my heaven!!

I really wish this picture was a little more crisp and clear but if you can’t tell, they have a corner in the store full of WONKA candy and they play the old school Willy Wonka (the BEST version by the way) movie on an endless loop. The frames around the TV are signed pictures of the cast. Seriously. Most amazing thing ever. Willy Wonka was one of my favorite movies as a kid, I guess it was forshadowing a bit of my future? lol

I wish I had taken more pictures of this place. I slowly admired every single wall, table and inch of this store. Lucky me that hubby is a patient guy and knows when I’m really excited about something. They had a bunch of retro candy and they had my favorite — Long Boys in Coconut and Chocolate! FOR TWENTY CENTS! They also had truffles and gelato. I didn’t try either though. I got hubby a box of Crybaby gum balls BUT it has the sour powder inside. We’re always on the hunt for the most sour Crybaby gumballs (swear they toned it down since we were kids) and guys, these things are NO JOKE lol. Now if we could find some really intense War Heads… lol

After that we headed back to the car, it was really windy. And we stopped by the burrito place next to my pasta place. We didn’t really have high hopes but we decided to take one to go and eat it at home. Got it enchilada style and OMGGGG. It was DELICIOUS!!! I don’t have a picture because we sort of inhaled it after being stuck in traffic for 2½ hours buuuut wow. You know how usually enchilada style burritos leave you feeling a little icky and bloated cause it’s so oily? Well this one didn’t! It tasted so fresh and healthy and I wasn’t bloated after but I was full. I’m convinced every food place in Marin County satisfies without the bloated feeling. Now why can’t places in my town do that?! Obviously health out here isn’t a concern.

I found out they have the burrito place in the next city over and the city next to my school. Uhm, hell yes lol.


I decided to dedicate July to Middle Grade novels, we’ll see how that goes lol. Also I saw 7 of the kittens today! They’re so tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnyyy!!! I still need to finish Ordinary Magic (which is for review but I’m so not feeling it right now) and A Tale Dark and Grimm. I started Dark Companion too. Gah. I’ve been reading nothing but books for review over the last month or so, I want to read a book for funnnn! I’m so sad a lot of people are at ALA which is in LA and it’s like this book convention where there’s signings and you get ARC’s for books that don’t come out til next year… and I was suppose to go this year but it didn’t work out. I’m avoiding Twitter lol. It’s cool, I have too many books for review already, what am I gonna do with more books for review? Exactly. Freak out lol.

Which by the way, I need to start reading books for “fun” on my shelf so I can either keep them or donate/give them away. I’m running out of room to put books! Ahhhh!!


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