Snow faces & such…

It’s so hot today!

Anyway, I’m awful at blogging. That’s the thing with blogging day by day and not you know, being able to schedule things. It takes more time and effort because you have to blog as you go. I think I’ve been spoiled by nitch blogging the last few years haha!

So stuff has been happening.

Math I is finally over, I barely passed but I passed (yay for at least that) but Math II is up next and I don’t have much faith in myself (so there’s that). I’ve been wearing the same two blue shirts all summer. No joke. I don’t remember the last time I really shopped for clothes. It’s not really my thing anymore. I’m not into the trends for the last five years *shrug*. This heat is preventing me from doing anything. It’s awful. And I really really need to stop drinking soda. REALLY. Hot nights + air bubbles in your chest from soda = NOT A GOOD LOOK.

On to more exciting things…

We “adopted” a new kitten. Her name is Snow. After the FFXIII character (who I haaaate, but whatever. Martin never gets to name a pet so there you go). She’s a fluff ball of cuuuute. She chirps and jumps and bounces when she’s excited and she cries when you’re stopping her from doing what she wants (like crawling under the bed). She plays very actively for about 20 minutes then sleeps for like 2 hours. And she SLEEPS. She doesn’t have nightmares during her naps anymore (she would cry while sleeping) and she doesn’t cry all night anymore either, so that’s good.

Like really, how do you say no to a face like that? She’s such a daddy’s girl though. Always cuddling up with M. Like here, right before she fell asleep for about 3hrs. I wish cats stayed that small forever!

Villains #3 Vinylmations are out and I didn’t even know until I placed an order last week (I only placed an order because I was after the $5 Peter Pan Pop Doll). There’s only two I want from this collection and it wasn’t these two lol but it wasn’t such a bad thing either. At least I didn’t get Gaston, then I woulda been mad.

Randomly wanted to mention these because well, they’re pretty delicious. But hard to find! I think they were re-called? Eh, who knows!

Had a dinner snack at Grott’s last night. I thought this was pretty funny. I love places with snarky things on their cups/bags (:

I’m part of a new company which I’m pretty excited about. I won’t really say much else about it until I find out more. But yeah, super excited!

Writing a different fairy tale re-telling but I’m eh about it. I love re-tellings but I don’t think I’m creative enough to write my own. But I have to remind myself, it’s a rough draft, it’s okay if it’s CRAP. No one will see this and that’s what revisions are for! We’ll see how it goes. I’ve got a cool concept. I just have to do it justice. Somehow…


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