4th of July…

So I’m sitting here, alone. Working on my novel and my Math homework. I get productive quiet time.

But I hear the people setting off fireworks outside and I can’t help but feel lonely. Hubby is out with his friends and I’m sure even if I had gone, I’d probably still feel ten times lonelier than I am now.

But then 4th of July has always been a lonely holiday for me.

I coulda at least had bought myself some Sparkling Apple Cider yesterday. Didn’t think of it. But I have cupcake frosting, so there’s that!

My fellow lonely 4th of July friend isn’t really my friend anymore and my best friend has been MIA for about two months, he likes to drop off the face of the planet sometimes. And I think, I need to realize — really realize — something I tell myself frequently. There won’t be a friend who will be there with you whenever you need them. People have their own lives and this isn’t high school. You’re not a princess and that’s just the way it is. It’s been like this forever, why do you still expect people or expect him to deal with it?

So today I’m apple cider-less and I’m going to busy myself with my novel and my Math homework. Because words are always willing to give you company.

And I won’t watch the fireworks. The best 4th of July show is across the country and I just missed it by 3 hours.


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