Math 2 is really really frustrating me. There are times when I’ll get it and there are times when I think I do and I’ll go home to do the homework and not know wtf is going on. I did manage to do my homework on my own tonight (and complete every single question for once) but when I did my self-check, I pretty much failed it. Which sucks. There are so many different rules to the same looking equations that I just don’t remember. Ughhh.

I’ve taken a few days off from reading, which I probably shouldn’t had but I’ve been really really tired at the end of the day lately. It was cold last night and today though, so that was nice. It’s suppose to be cooler this week, I’m hoping it stays that way.

I’ve been purging my books lately, I figure if I’ve had it for 3 years and still have no interest in moving up in my TBR pile, then I’m letting it go. I still have a lot of books to go through but I managed to get rid of a bunch a few days ago.

I’ve just been really stressed out lately and it’s frustrating. I keep having trouble breathing again and that’s never fun. Ugh. I need a break…


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