Is Summer over yet?

I really hate Summer. I’m not one of those people who go to beaches and do “fun-summer-y” things. So I really have no reason to look forward to Summer. The room I’m currently staying in has one of two temperatures: really really cold or super stuffy. Right now, it’s super stuffy and it’s causing me headaches. Ugh! I’m glad it’s the end of July and Autumn is coming! I loves me some Autumn!

My Financial Adviser screwed up my Financial Aid so the reimbursement he promised me months ago will in fact not be delivered by the time I need it. I know I shouldn’t bank on a reimbursement for assistance since that’s not its purpose but that’s not the frustrating part, it’s the fact that this is the third time he’s done this and the process to which concludes that it doesn’t come on time. This time he had me release a statement that he later said, “oh I may have misguided you, yeah, you’re going to have to send a cancellation statement now.” All this miscommunication! And I’m not the only one with this complaint. It’s just insane. So are my classes going to be covered or not? Ugh.

Hubby is watching this documentary about Aliens (basically). Right now they’re covering Greek and Norse Gods and I’m getting upset because my Greek Gods were not aliens and they did not hover in a spaceship!

Don’t people know that Jesus was inspired by Apollo? So what does that say?

I haven’t been able to read into Norse Mythology just yet, but I’ve been meaning to. Reading up on Greek and Roman Gods is a lot to absorb on its own. Especially since a lot of the Greek and Roman are very similar. Apollo is one of the only ones who’s name doesn’t change. Interesting, right?

Math II is almost done. Got a final to do and we’re free!! But I will miss my class.





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