I just feel like talking… or typing…

So right now I’m having Costco’s Turkey Swiss rolls for dinner with pretzel’s and a Cherry Pepsi. I’d be drinking apple juice instead… if I still had any. I’ve been trying to eat healthy and it’s becoming much more easier these days. Not sure when was the last time I had fast food actually, so that’s always a good thing, right? Now if only I could kick soda… I did good for about a month but I don’t know, I cracked down again. I need to be better at this. But it’s so hot lately! Nothing really feels better than a cold soda on a hot summer night!

I just finished another NetGalley book. I have like 4 NetGalley review to write. I need to be better at reading/reviewing things from NetGalley or my stats will be off and publishers won’t trust me. I’m already a little irritated that my book blog page rank went down a point and my page views are down by 2k this month. It’s not that I haven’t been posting content either so I don’t know. Maybe it’s just an off month. Everyone’s getting ready to go back to school *shrug* or maybe I just suck and no one likes me.

I read and reviewed a self published book recently. I don’t really do that often even though I buy a lot of them. There’s nothing wrong with self pubs really, just that they’re sometimes annoying when they pitch things to you over and over and don’t bother to even address you by your name. But there’s a lot of great self pubbed books to be discovered too!

I owed St. Martin’s a review like a week or two ago and I haven’t finished the book. Wahhh. Also need to finish two Amazon Vine books by Thursday… double wahhh.

Aside from that I need to tidy the room, pick up my Mario 3DS pre-order from GameStop, outline my two new projects, work on making witch hats, learn to crochet and look up some more stuff on making top hats.

The kittens are okay, I just wish I could help take better care of them. Chocolate has been scratching the side of his face raw and he has a bunch of scabs and missing fur. Dunno what’s going on there.

Things are stressful and I hate it. I can’t relax, I can’t sleep, I can’t stop the headaches. My anxiety is higher than ever in the last two years. I just don’t know how to really deal right now besides taking NyQuil and at the moment I can’t even do that. I don’t know what relaxes me anymore. Not much of anything. I wish Wicked was still around, that never failed to relax me. I just want a different life. And it’s so hard to get being here. I can’t find a job or anything. This place sucks. Can’t even get gas without people trying to bum money off you every single day. I don’t think there’s been a time we’ve went to get gas without someone begging for money. It’s ridic. You need change? I need change. I can’t even afford gas! Get out of my face! Ugh.






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