I feel like a slug

I haven’t been inspired or as productive as I usually am lately. I’ve been more like depressed and stressed the eff out. It might have something to do with mom being on vacation. I don’t get why she takes these long vacations when she eventually gets restless and starts yelling at everyone. Makes no sense. But I just haven’t felt like doing much lately.

Which is bad because I have a lot to do.

I feel like my head is stuffed with cotton. In molasses. Yeah, that’s pretty accurate to how I feel right about now.

I have a review to write for tomorrow (for the blog) then I have two reviews to write tonight (for Amazon Vine) and I should had gotten all of this done on Sunday (which is my write-all-the-posts-for-the-week day) but I don’t know, I just wasn’t feeling it. I need to bring my pages views back up on the blog and I don’t really know how. It’s so stressful (everything is so stressful right now)! Speaking of, I emailed my financial adviser the other day about this whole situation (which he said I had to order/request something from the IRS) and he still hasn’t responded. No email, no phone call, nothing. My academic adviser is no better these days, I emailed him about why M and I have different school days soon and all he said was, “if it’s the Martin I think you’re talking about I could put you in his class.” If it’s the Martin I think you’re talking about? What kind of half-ass response is that? Seriously? Ugh, I want my old FA and AA back. These new guys don’t know what they’re doing!

DCP applications come out soon, so thank goodness for that! I really hope I do good this time. I need this.





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