Let’s see how much I’ve changed in 10 years…

So while I was reading some old blogs, I came across a ton of surveys I use to do. I was really into surveys back then lol. I thought I’d see how much I changed in ten years (:


Can you sing? no, but i sure do try! << That hasn’t changed lol

What’s your favorite color of post-it note? bLue <<

How many cassette tapes do you own? a shit load haha <<

How many cd’s do you own? a shit load ;] <<

Ever bought a cd for just one song? omg yeah! when i was lil <<

Have you ever lied to get off the phone? yep ;] <<

Have you ever written a survey? yeah haha damn. << I don’t remember that…

How about a song? naw i suck at that <<

Or maybe a poem? yeah. <<

Are you addicted to Napster? back when there was a napster <<

Ever been in an airplane? yes <<

If so where were you flying to? pi, arizona, texas, LA and vegas << + Florida

What color are your shoes? blak + gray, red + gray + white, navy blue and baby blue << Now they’re just black. I know, I’m so not fitted no more lol

Describe your bedroom – posters, pictures, bed, desk, blue roses, roses, radio, cds, tapes, fan, lamp, dresser, flyers, glow in the dark stars. << Uhm, which room?

Would you ever shave someone else’s head? nOoo << Well Zellie, you have!

Name your favorite type of music: punk // alternative << + R&B, Rap, Country, Show Tunes…

Are you a vegetarian? no. never. ever. << Bwahah, sorry Zellie, you are now!

How about an aspiring actor/actress? how bout no ;]

What famous person dead or alive would you interview if you had the chance? B2K! << You’re so superficial! I’d interview Linkin Park lol! At least pick someone who’s changed your life!

What movies do you have almost all the lines memorized to? next friday hahaha << I still stand by this lol

current mood: happy for some strange reason << Anxious. Always anxious.

current music: im here by kai << Can We Talk by Tevin Campbell. I like to keep it 90’s in here!

current taste: mashed potatoes << Green Bean Casserole.

current hair: layered, ponytail, brown // black << Ponytail. Black & Red. Close lol

current dress: the shirt j0n gave me + boxers << Tanktop & boxers. But not ones from Jon!

current annoyance: my mother o_0 << That hasn’t changed…

current smell: kfc << Bath & Body Works candle in Leaves ♥

current longing: none. << Disney World.

current game: ddr? << Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance.

current thing I ought to be doing: my english movie review. << LOL I should be writing a movie & book reviews.

current windows open: freecell, ei, aim, cd player, aol, sammie + adonis IMz << Spotify. Mozilla. Chrome. Keepin it simple these days!

current desktop picture: love hina << I remember that!! Right now it’s a random one that came with Windows.

current favorite group: linkin park, b2k, sugarcult, new found glory, system of a down, ect ect ect lol << Pretty much still the same + Daughtry.

current book: “the older guy” << Beneath The Glitter, I’ve Got Your Number & Team Human. Yes I read more than one book at once!

current cds in stereo: kai << Usher 8701. Since it’s the only one my car will play!

current colour of toenails: dont wear that shit << At the moment, none.

current refreshment: pepsi WITH ice ;] << YUP!

current worry: none. << Bills. Always bills. I wish it would be “none” again!

current crush: none. <<

current favorite celeb: raz b << I don’t really have one right now…

current hate: hot days. i thought it was fall o_0  << Dunno. Bills? My Financial & Academic Advisers?


;today have i ..

smiled?: yes <<

laughed?: of course <<

cried?: nope ;] <<

bought something?: lunch. << Probably an ebook for my Kindle before bed…

danced?: no… <<

were sarcastic?: in my diary entries, but not to people.. yet <<

talked to an ex?: everyday. << Nope! Don’t do that anymore…

watched your favorite movie?: n0pers. <<


;a last time for everything ..

last book you read: “the older guy” << Every Day

last movie you saw: down to earth // swimfan << Crazy Stupid Love

last song you heard: im here by kai, just ended. << I’m Ready by Tevin Campbell is playing right now…

last thing you had to drink: my pepsi << Bwahah. That hasn’t changed!

last time you showered: yesterday  << This morning. At 2am. Like always.


;do you ..

smoke?: yizZeRz. << Nope. 9 years clean!

do drugs?: nope. <<

have sex?: OH YEH lol << Well I am married…

sleep with stuffed animals?: nawh << Mog!

live in the moment?: yes ;] << Not as much as I use to…

have a dream that keeps coming back?: yes! man make it go away << Nope.

play an instrument?: noo.. <<

believe there is life on other planets?: uh. << Sure. Sometimes.

remember your first love?: sure do. << Sure. Kinda.

still love him/her?: sure dont. <<

read the newspaper?: just in journalism << Nope but I do read the news sometimes. Or watch sxephil lol

have any gay or lesbian friends?: my cuzz0 << Yep!

believe in miracles?: sometimes <<

believe it’s possible to remain faithful forever?: maybe << Yep!

Consider yourself tolerant of others?: no haha <<

consider love a mistake?: ..sometimes << Still stand by this lol

believe in astrology?: no <<

believe in magic?: nope << Yes I do.

believe in God?: yes << No, I don’t.

go to church?: yes, i really should go more often << Nope.

do well in school?: i am now << Well now that I’m paying for it…

go to or plan to go to college?: yeh << I am in college!

wear hats?: yes + bandanna’s << Not so much anymore. Beanies!

have any piercings?: my ears, closed up. soon to be eyebrow or tongue. << Just my ears. The last two never happened. Unfortunately.

have any tattoos?: soon to be. lol << Nope.

hate yourself?: nope! <<

have an obsession?: yes ;] << Of course. It’s me we’re talking about!

have a secret crush?: not really. <<

do they know yet?: how are they gonna know when I dont know? <<

collect anything?: sorta << I collect lots of things!

have a best friend?: yep <<

wish on stars?: no <<

like your handwriting?: fuck no << It was nicer ten years ago then it is now lol!

care about looks?: not really <<

believe in witches?: i use to want to be one << *cough* Yes, I believe in witches.

believe in Satan?: i heard he has good weed << Giiiiiiiiiiirl lol!



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