On eye opening experiences

I’ve mentioned before I’m reading Beneath The Glitter by Elle & Blair Fowler right now. And if you don’t know who they are, they’re sisters who are big time makeup guru’s on YouTube. I’ve been watching their channels ever since I made makeup videos back in 2009. The whole concept about them writing a book is just weird — but that’s not what this post is about. Well, it is, sorta.

Hubby and I spend a lot of time talking about books. Which is sort of strange because he hates reading. He doesn’t hate books, just reading. His eyes can’t concentrate long enough so he usually does the audio book thing if I won’t shut up about a book. But even if he doesn’t read the books I read, he’s still really interested to know what I’m reading about. Which makes me a pretty lucky girl. Haven’t had many significant others really care about my hobbies that much (especially reading).

We were discussing how it was possible for them to land this book deal (even though I found out the whole them approaching the publisher before writing the book thing) considering this book is just EVERYWHERE. And I do mean everywhere. There are entire paragraphs in all caps for pages and there’s a lot of this going on “!!!!!!!!!!!!!” seriously, that many. And it makes us wonder… WHAT WAS YOUR EDITOR THINKING? Hubby blurted out that maybe the publisher thought of it as an easy hit sale. Both girls have thousands of followers on YouTube and there are hundreds of their fans defending the book like nuts on GoodReads already. But the book itself? Is pretty low quality. Like they just shoved stuff together.

And it made me think of when we went to Chris Colfer’s book signing. We were in line for an hour (after the event started) and everyone around us had no intention of reading the book. We overheard so many conversations of people with their friends saying, “hah, no I’m not going to read this. I just want to meet Chris Colfer!” and there was one girl who even said, “this isn’t about the book, this is about meeting Chris!” uh you’re at his BOOK SIGNING.

And it was just sad. Okay yes, Chris is a celebrity but he put this book together ten years ago before he was a celebrity. He’s such a nice and humble person and it’s just sad that his fans (the ones surrounding us anyway) have no intention on reading a book he put a lot of effort into. Have no intention of reading a story he wants to tell. That the only reason why they bought this book that means so much to him is because he IS a celebrity and they just wanted to meet him.

And it just sucks. Is fame worth it? How do you know the people who gave your book positive reviews really liked it or they just want to be in your good graces?

I don’t know, an experience like that just left a bad taste in my mouth. As someone who goes to book signings all the time and is usually surrounded by people who have read the books or really want to read the books and people who legit love books… that experience was just a really wow moment.





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