Just a bunch of words

So last night/this morning as usual I read until 4am then got ready for bed. I usually get ready for bed at 3 but lately it’s been 4. My goal this month is to be IN BED by 1am. This is going to be impossible considering 3am has been my bedtime for the last 6 years (insomnia sucks). So I fall asleep for about half an hour. But the whole half hour I’m “asleep” I’m convincing myself I don’t need to be that bad to the point where I really have to get out of bed. It didn’t work out, I ended up caving and going to the bathroom.

After that I pretty much stared at the wall — in the dark — for about 3hrs unable to sleep. I’d close my eyes, cover my head with the blanket, M even tried to cuddle me to sleep. Nothing was working so at about 10am I decided to just give up and get up.

We went to get breakfast (something that NEVER happens) and went out to a cute plaza we discovered back in January to go for a stroll. Which was fun, but on the way home (this place is about half an hour away on a freeway) that’s when our drowsy started to kick in. Now we’re home and wide awake. Again.

This has never really happened. Where I simply just cannot sleep at all. There are times I’ve forced myself to stay up for 24hrs due to you know, work and stuff but I’ve never just stayed awake for no reason. It’s driving me nuts. I WANT TO GO TO SLEEP. But like I said, I’m wiiiiiiiiiiide awake right now. Ughhh.


In other news, while I was making dinner last night Chammy decided to sit behind me on the kitchen table and cry the whole time. Her and her saddest eyes! But I wasn’t going to feed her hot soup that she probably can’t digest anyway. Poor thing, I hate hearing her cry even if it is just for attention.

Autumn is coming QUICK and I’m not prepared for any of my crafts yet. But I will be hopefully during this week. I think I’m going to use this weekend to tidy up and sort things before I run out of time and end up sad.

I got all my book reviews set for the month of September. Whoohoo! I’ve never been this far ahead before. Gotta say, feels good (:

Now I just have to get started on my October challenge reads (I do this every year). I’m pretty excited… like I am every October lol. The only problem now is picking which books to read since I have so many!

I’ve been hunting down Limited Edition makeup and that’s never fun. But I did manage to find the Alice in Wonderland EOS lip balm trio! I’m so excited! Now waiting for ELF’s Villains palettes!

I’ll have pictures in my next post. I’m going to lay down and read or something in hopes that it’ll put me to sleep…





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