It’s a 90’s night

I legit just made a Spotify playlist called “90’s Hits”. I’ve got some of my favorites like The Girl Who Has Everything by N*SYNC, Silly Hoe by TLC, Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden, Everything You Want by Vertical Horizon… I’m missing so many other tracks that I can’t remember right now. The 90’s was a big stretch of time now that I think of it lol!

I remember watching TRL, Midnight Love, CMC and whatever Tyrese use to host on BET. Man back when you would watch music videos on TV and not YouTube haha. Thinking you were cool cause you had those radios that had a tape AND CD player. We use to “jack boxes” which was pretty much jacking peoples voice mail’s and singing on our intros (you wouldn’t believe how many people had the password 1-2-3-4 for their voice mail’s or 4-3-2-1 like no joke). Back before the internet, smartphones and intense video games. When you’d spend the afternoons outside or watching movies in the living room (instead of by yourself with your tablet).

How did life and technology advance so quickly? I feel like those days are long gone. Long forgotten. Like we’re a secret society that remembers those days. It’s just insane to think about. Now we have MP3’s, Netflix and a million of reasons to never leave our rooms. We don’t even have to go out to buy makeup or even groceries anymore!

I’m going to take the next half hour before bed to soak up all my favorite jams from the 90’s and just remember for a moment. When life was much more simple.





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