Nitch Blogging

It’s so strange that if I’m not nitch blogging, I don’t know what else to write about. Which is strange since I’ve been blogging since 1999, way before blogging was even a word or a thing and before nitch blogging was even around really.

In high school blogging was an outlet. Somewhere I could write about my day and my feelings without my mom breaking into my diary or people I knew in real life reading about the crap that bothered me (only to bully me about it later) and so I kept blogging all through out high school. It was like, my thing.

But now a days people don’t blog their feelings. Sometimes they blog their days (but not without pictures) but it’s not the same as before…

I’m trying to break out of this though. I want to go back to writing about my day or what I felt or thought because this — blogging — is my therapy and sometimes I feel like I’m way overdue for a session. But I do love nitch blogging. I love my book blog and I love reviewing things and talking about products or books or movies that get me excited. And sometimes I don’t want to talk about personal things because I’m still stuck in that place where I think anything personal said about myself will be used against me and honestly the internet these days make it so much easier to stalk people than ten years ago.

But it’s fall and the weather is getting colder and I know I’ll have those really strong urges to just talk and I know that even though this is my blog, I don’t have to explain myself but I think I’m kind of more reminding myself that this is MY blog and that I CAN write whatever I want in it. So hopefully I remember that as the months get colder.


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