Favorites | October 2012

If there’s one blog feature I love it’s monthly favorites ones. It’s interesting to see what people loved/discovered in a months time so I thought I would post mine too! It won’t be in a fancy video, just a simple list!

Pop Chips
So Pop Chips are one of those things I saw a lot of around but never really tried. I actually snagged a sample at Costco awhile ago and fell in love. Mostly with the original flavor. It’s like the heathiest chip I’ve ever had. Crazy and flavorful!

See’s Candy Orange & Chocolate Wafers
I’m a sucker for dark chocolate and orange. These are dark chocolate disks with orange fondant on top and OMG it is HEAVEN! I love these. And I don’t even like fondant! But it’s not like the icky kind, it actually does taste like orange! Sadly they’re limited edition to just Halloween. Wahhh!

Caramel Apple Sugar Babies
Okay so I’ve never really had Sugar Babies before but I picked these up because I was hoping they would taste like those caramel apple pops with the actual caramel in them. I hate getting them because ants ALWAYS find the bag, ALWAYS. Even if I store it in an air tight container. And you know, these are pretty darn close. And for $1, why the heck not?

Caramel Apple Spice @ Starbucks
I’m a bit of a Starbucks addict. Passion Tea Lemonade? It cures any pain related problem I have — ever. But I also like to try the hot drinks during the holidays and I discovered this one (which is on their secret menu) from Kalel. It is SO good. It tastes like an apple pie, liquified. Seriously.

Black Cherry Merlot hand soap @ Bath & Body Works
Do you guys ever sample B&BW soaps at the store? It’s a thing me and M do sometimes. Anyway, I fell in love with this one because it smells like sweet dark cherries and a hint of like Rum. It smells divine. It’s limited edition though and all the store around me sold out. Ahh! I shoulda stocked up when I had the chance!

Barqs Root Beer
Now if you know me, you know I LOVE Root Beer but some days I just need it. Like I won’t be happy — at all — if I don’t have it. This was one of those months. I can usually stand to just get it when I go out and not have to buy a box to keep at home but nope. Not this month!

Spell Bound by Rachel Hawkins (Book)
Hex Hall is my favorite YA book series and this is the last book in that trilogy. I’m sad to had finished it. I felt like I was saying goodbye to a friend. But I’m excited to see who the spin off releasing next year is about! But I guess it’s a pretty much given this would be a favorite, right?

Shopkick (App)
M discovered this new app called “Shopkick” where you sort of check in to stores and scan things and earn points. So far I’ve earned a $10 iTunes gift card just for scanning/checking in. So I mean, why not lol.

Beauty and a Beat by Justin Bieber (Music)
It really shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m a JB fan, if you know me. But I’m not like one of those crazy people who want to have his babies or anything. I just think he’s a cool kid who does some cool stuff and is really sweet to his fans. This song took awhile to grow on me but I fell in love with the music video! I love the idea of it!

What are some of your favorites this month? Did you discover anything new?


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