Election Day 2012

Today’s election day! Or should I say was since the polls are now closed?

This is the first year I immersed myself into politics. I always found it to be a sticky ground and I still do because I don’t know everything. But I have always considered myself to be Democrat. I decided this back in high school in 2003 or was it 2004? I don’t remember what was going on politically at the time just that I was reading an article about the two parties in the newspaper (I had a habit of reading the newspaper first thing in the morning in my History class it both irritated and filled my teacher with joy lol).

This year the thing that caught my attention was one of the guys that Romney supports talking about how your body could shut down during a “legitimate” rape. Whatever that means. And that statement sickened me. Your body betrays you. Even when you don’t want “it” your body will react otherwise and I do not take rape lightly, at all. It’s awful and no one should ever go through an experience like that and furthermore no one should know that the government will not take you seriously if you are raped. That they believe that should have just “shut your body down”. Could you imagine?! The stand on having rapists entitled to visitation rights also made me sick. And it made me want to research this election even more.

I watched coverage of both the RNC and the DNC via SourceFed (a Philip DeFranco side project) this year as well as all of the presidential debates. And I actually found it interesting. I actually found myself looking forward to the next debate. And that’s just really crazy for me to think about.

I think what really made this enjoyable was the fact that my husband watched all these things with me and we would discuss it after.

So today after he went to work we both casted our first presidential vote ever, together (:


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