NaBloPoMo 2012 | Day 8

If you could have any job (and instantly have the training and qualifications to do it), which job would you want?

If I could have any job? Wow, that’s a more difficult question than I thought it would be. At first I thought it would be easy — of course I’d pick to be a publicist for a publishing company! But then I think it would be cool to be an editor too. Or I could go back to my “roots” and say I want to be a pastry chef because I miss being in the kitchen and making cakes all day. And a branch off of that would obviously to own my own patisserie but I would need training in France to do that, wouldn’t I? Or you know, acquire epic dancing and singing skills and be on Wicked the musical!

There’s so much I want to be and do, how do I pick just one job? So of course I turn to the husband cause he’s good at answering these things when I can’t decide and he says… pastry chef.

And you know what, if I could have ANY job with instant training and qualifications it would be to be back in the kitchen.


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