Damn this damn ear!

I constantly feel like I’m at war with my right ear. Constantly. It’s always giving me trouble! I get intense ear pains when I’m landing on a plane and most of the time, it’s my right ear that throbs like it’s bleeding.

So about a month ago, I noticed some swelling. I thought it was just a pimple, sometimes that happens. But last weekend the inside of my ear canal was fully painfully swollen. Like, I couldn’t even stick the tip of my pinky finger inside my ear to scratch it (it was insanely itchy too) but as the weekend ended, the swelling went down.

I still went to the hospital earlier this week to make sure it was okay ($40 co-pay is absurd by the way for a freakin 10 minute hospital visit) and it turns out I have an ear infection. Thaaaaaaaaaaat’s cool. I’ve never had an ear infection before — at least that I can remember but OHMYGAWD this is awful. They gave me drops ($10 + scary instructions) and I haven’t used them yet because well, I’m scared. So today my ear started to swell again. I know, serves me right for not taking the drops right? Ugh. Except I think this time I actually do have a pimple inside my ear, I think I accidentally scratched and agitated it yesterday. But that + the still slight infection… it’s driving me nuts. Like the whole middle part of my ear canal feels numb. No lie.

Ugh, this sucks!!


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