Music Monday | Spend My Life with You by Eric Benet & Tamia

I couldn’t find the actual video, booo! And there’s another version I really like but I don’t remember who Benet was with in that one.

Cold days do things to me, like I mentioned in a previous blog. Today is one of those things. I woke up in a bit of a bad mood this morning and I’ve been avoiding conversation for the majority of the day.

Ironically I turned on my Spotify and ended up listening to my Slow Jams playlist. It’s mostly songs from the AOL days. The AOL days when it was cold and winter-y and I’d sit in chat rooms with my friends and we’d stay up talking about nothing really at all and messing with our progs or singing songs. Those were the days before Facebook and Twitter. Before MySpace when you would actually hold a legit conversation with someone on the internet and not just post something on their “wall” or “tweet” them something and they see it when they see it. Not that I have anything against Twitter but I just feel like even though nowadays we have all of these ways to “connect” with people, we’re not really connecting with anyone. If that makes sense.

I don’t feel like I’m having a conversation with someone when we post back and forth on their wall. I don’t feel that sense of company that I had back when instant messaging was the thing.

This wasn’t what this entry was suppose to be about lol. It was suppose to be about a completely different topic but it’s cool, maybe I’ll save that for next week cause this topic was pretty important for me to get out too.


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