Happy Thanksgiving!


I never really understood Thanksgiving if you really think about it… I mean they teach up in elementary school to write lists of what we’re thankful for and stuff but I never really got the idea of the holiday. Shouldn’t I be thankful every day?! You say Thanksgiving, I think food.

When I was younger I would send a mass AOL email to my friends and they’d each get a paragraph and I would state why I was thankful for them. I use to be one of those friends who liked being lovelovelove all the time but 1) no one checks their email anymore and 2) no one really cares/I’m older with less friends lol.


Although this year has been… rough there’s still lots to be thankful for.

I’m thankful for my husband who manages to annoy me every other day but who understands me like no other. Who makes sure I’m happy and smiling. Who sings me songs and cuddles me. Who never fails to tuck me in and kiss me every night and does a million other things he doesn’t have to do but does it anyway πŸ˜›

I’m thankful for the 3 little kittens who annoy the crap out of me every night but have the warmest hearts. Chammy and her saddest eyes, Choco Cat for always being in the mood to have a conversation with you and Snow for being the perfect little girl. Who only does grabby hands to me when I don’t want her to the most but who’ll sit and tilt her head at me when I get stressed out and won’t stop following me until I pet her and tell her I’m okay.

I’m thankful for my Jay baby for always being the sunshine of my life all these years.

I’m also thankful for the usual stuff — my health, my family, my car, the ability to go to college, my next adventure, my iPhone (people weren’t kidding when they said it was life changing), Instagram :P, root beer, books, music, my memories, my experiences.

I’m thankful for my Disney friends. For the memories, the inside jokes, those long tiring frustrating nights that bonded us lol! But really, I’m thankful to been able to work with some pretty amazing people! I’m thankful that I was forced transferred to West Side too πŸ˜›

This entry was suppose to be so much more epic and profound but the Melatonin is kicking in and making it hard to think lol. But I am so very thankful. My life may not be perfect and it may not be where I want it to be… but I have amazing friends, a wonderful husband (most days), and a whole lot of love in my life. Seriously, what could be better?


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