Thanksgiving & Black Friday

Thanksgiving was pretty relaxing this year, I guess. For me anyway. I stayed home and did a whole lot of nothing for once. Had a mini snack before dinner of the food already laid out — green beans, cranberry and mashed potatoes. My brother asked if I wanted turkey but I wanted to wait until everything was done. I’m glad I said that because the layout when everything was done? AMAZING. Everything looked so yummy! And I discovered a new love — Candied Yams. Seriously, where have these been my whole life? It amazes me how good my brother’s cooking is (:

M went to his mom’s house but I skipped out on it. I’m not great with family holidays and I tend to skip them as often as I can. I know that sounds awful but eh, it’s who I am. Besides, there’s way too many babies at his house these days. Me + babies + holidays? Uhm, no. Not my idea of a good time. Geez, that made me sound like an asshole.

M had work at 8am on Black Friday so you know, no shopping. I know places opened up at midnight this year but there is no effen way I’m going to the mall at midnight. There wasn’t anything we really wanted this year… we usually grab external hard drives at Fry’s every year but I got us free ones from Amazon Vine for review, so we’re good to go. I did get some shopping done the day before Thanksgiving when I went with him to work though. I got my scarves and a memory card (a tradition of mine). We went out anyway after he came home from work. The mall was still pretty packed at 6pm. Everything was a mess though and even though there were some steals, there was nothing really left. I mostly wanted to go out to get some wallflowers from Bath & Body Works (which I did — Twisted Peppermint and Gingerbread) and get an idea of what I wanted to get people for Christmas. I hate Christmas shopping. For reasons.

Being broke during the holidays really makes you think about things before you buy them. Like 1) will my mom even like this or 2) will she USE it. If the answer is no, I don’t get it. When before I’d get anything that I think she would think is pretty. Having money to blow is a nice feeling but you don’t really appreciate things that way.

This year all I really want for Christmas is a new purse, a Kindle (I have a Fire but there’s no way I’m bringing that work!) and that’s pretty much it. I don’t know what I’m getting M. I wanted to get him a GoPro camera but he always wants the top of the line and honestly I don’t have $300 to blow on a camera I want to get him. Why couldn’t he just be happy with The GoPro2? Erg.

This weekend also marks the time when I should probably start cleaning/sorting the room for the move and you know, to put up our tree and all. Yeah, I should probably go do that…


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