NaBloPoMo | Day 26

I sort of fell off with the NaBloPoMo posts, didn’t I? My bad. I got some catching up to do! 😛

Do you speak more than one language?  How did you learn the additional languages?


I speak more than one language. I don’t speak Tagalog which is the main Filipino language. My parents come from two completely different islands that share the same dialect. I grew up around Visayan so I don’t really know how to tell you when you ask me how did I ​learn​ it. I kinda just picked it up. I can’t speak it as fluently as my parents but I can understand it completely when someone talks to me in Visayan and most of the time when I do end up speaking in it fluently is when I’m irritated or angry. But only at my husband. It’s strange.

I would love to learn French and Italian! And maybe get around to learning the rest of Spanish too!


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