Trying this again!

So I didn’t do so hot on NaBloPoMo for November, but it was fun! I do like using the prompts but I think I sort of felt compelled to use them daily instead of ditching a prompt for a day and writing my own stuff.

So I decided to do it again this month. December is usually a really hectic month since it’s Christmas and our anniversary (3 years!) and of course moving. And moving across the country is never easy! I have a ton to do that I didn’t even start on (like for one, putting up our tree which I need to do, like, last week)! But I want to document my insane crazy month because I hope to really do some fun stuff! I’m thinking maybe I’ll do half prompts and half my own posts.

I can’t believe that it’s already December and that we’re so much closer to our move date. It’s insane to think about. I felt the same way the last time we moved except for about a million times more anxious since I had never ever moved out of my parents house before. But now that I have that experience I’m not ​as​ anxious. Just stressed out.

Here’s to December!


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