Case of the Mondays

When I was in high school I had a love/hate relationship with Monday. On one hand, yay! I get to get out of the house! On the other hand, crap I have to wake up early. I remember sitting in Econ class falling asleep (as I naturally would be) saying, “I hate today.” and my friend Loser (who would so kindly poke me really hard on my side if I snored too loud in class) replied with, “ah, you have a case of the Mondays.” and I was like “the case of the what?” and he did this skit I guess from a show that explained.

Now that I’m older, I’ve never had a job that allowed me to be off on the weekends so when everyone complains that it’s Monday, I don’t see the big deal. Technically Monday would be my day off. Also, I sort of hate the weekends. Mainly because 1) everyone’s off and so there’s never any parking anywhere, ever and there’s traffic 2) everything I want to contact is closed — the hospital, the post office, publishing houses… CLOSED. I have to wait the whole weekend before I can contact them. Ugh.

Also, there’s something refreshing about the start of a brand new week! Right?! Right! A whole ‘nother week to get things done and be productive and spends times! I don’t know what “spends times” is referring to but I mean, you get what I mean.

So embrace Monday people, it’s not so bad!


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