Starting the sorting process…

As I’ve mentioned probably several times, I’m moving in a few weeks and the shittiest part about moving? The sorting/packing process. The last time I moved across the country I legit didn’t get anything done until a week or two before I was leaving. I have a serious procrastination problem. But I was leaving right after New Year so with the holidays it was hard to find time. This time we’re not leaving until after New Year so I’ve got at least a few extra weeks to get things sorted. I’m trying to get a “head start” (if you can even call it that!) this year.

So today I sold some books. 15-20 books and 2 DVD’s and it still doesn’t look like I put a dent in my pile. I have stacks and stacks of books for review from publishers and bought over the years. Being a book blogger for almost 3 years causes you to accumulate a lot of books and I know other book bloggers who keep majority of their books and it’s just insane. Where do they store all those books?! My rule is if I’m not bringing it, have no intention of reading it again or rated it under 4 stars — I get rid of it. Because I could use that spot on my bookshelf for a book I’ll really love. And that’s okay!

Tomorrow I’ll be working on donating some clothes (I have a hard time letting go of clothes) and going through and tossing all my old makeup that’s probably been ready to be tossed out for a year now. Eep.

I’ll get through these chores. Slow but steady. And hopefully I won’t take too long and end up running out of time again 😛 also, I need to get a move on it and put up the Christmas tree already!


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