It’s colddd!

Is it just me or does it get colder when you have to leave the room to do something like… pee or take your clothes out of the dryer? Strange, right?

So today I managed to do a bit more purging but with my clothes. I didn’t even think twice about most things, I just picked a drawer/shelf and tossed everything I didn’t wear in the last year or two in a bag to get rid of. I regret nothing. I should use this method more often lol. But even so, I still have a lot more to go through and with just a little over five weeks left. Eep! Time is dwindling — fast!

I managed to get all of my Christmas shopping done except I haven’t gotten anything for M yet and we’re not sure if we’re even going to get each other anything since we don’t have much money this year and we’re moving. The only thing I really asked for was an Amazon gift card so I could get some ebooks and/or my hand creams because I kinda really need those right about now lol. I was suppose to get him a game for the PS3 and maybe I still will if I can manage to come up with enough money. Boo. This sucks.

Planning on staying home this weekend, being lazy, sorting through stuff to purge, cleaning and hopefully finally putting up the Christmas tree because honestly, I am taking way too long with this shit!

Target was having another epic Sims3 sale where everything was $20. Even the combo pack with Sims3 + the Supernatural expansion. So M got it for me. I keep telling him to just wrap it and have me open it for Christmas. He keeps saying that’s a lame idea. Just trying to help!

I’ve been addicted to Annie’s organic fruit snacks lately. They taste like literally solidified Jello! I kid you not!

I guess I better go get that stuff out of the dryer…


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