5 Reasons I’ll Be Pissed if the World Ends in 13 Days

I’ve seen multiple posts on other blogs with reasons why they will/will not be pissed off if the world ends on December 21st. If you ask me, I don’t know what I believe. I don’t think the world will end but these sort of things and all of the logic thinking doesn’t stop my OCD from going nuts over what shall we do to prepare for the world ending?! Nothing OCD, because if the world ends, it won’t matter and more importantly you won’t matter. So shut the hell up!

Anyway, lets say the world did end. Here’s my top five reasons (in no particular order) why I would be one angry spirit.

Paris, France
The world ending in 13 days doesn’t give me enough time to you know, make it to Paris before I die. And well, that’s really just not fair.

Renewal Vows
So if you know me, you know I’m not into the whole idea of marriage but we did plan a cruise on The Disney Dream to France and Italy to have our renewal vows done and I mean, as if it’s bad enough I won’t make it to France, I won’t get to go on a Disney cruise either?! I mean, all that awesome food I’m missing out on. COME ON!

The New Fantasyland
The world ending means I won’t get a chance to see the new Fantasyland at Walt Disney World. This might sound silly but that sort of hurts my feelings. Following all of these Disney food blogs that have announced — you guessed it — the food, is making me really hope the world is NOT going to be ending any time soon!

There are a TON of awesome books being released next year. Some I’m lucky enough to read months early and others where publishers don’t like responding to me lol and so I don’t get to read those awesome titles early. Also, the spin off to Hex Hall was just announced which is coming out in 2013 also the sequel to Unspoken comes out in 2013 and I NEED THAT BOOK. Jared couldn’t had meant what he said… could he?!

Oz the Great and Powerful
I know this is in no particular order but if the world were to end, the one thing I would be the MOST pissed about would be missing Oz the Great and Powerful. If you know me — at all — you know how much I LOVELOVELOVE Wizard of Oz and this film looks amazing. I never go to midnight showings but I am going to skip sleep just to see this at midnight. I’m so serious. So just imagine how pissed my spirit will be if I miss this. Just think about it!

Now I’m pretty certain the world isn’t going to explode, there won’t be a zombie take over and the apocalypse isn’t going to happen considering that it’s suppose to be “a new start” or something so maybe it’ll be like the Y2K scare, everyone thought we’d go back to the stone ages once 2000 hit because it was believe computers couldn’t count passed 1999 I suppose and I don’t know, I guess at the time the world ending in 2000 made sense. Or something but I just wanted to say I am serious about everything on this list.

That is all lol.


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