Don’t you hate when a nap actually makes you feel worse than better? Granted it was only like an hour nap but ugh I feel all groggy and icky. Like my hair is full of static or something.

Anyway, yesterday I managed to sort through the mess of our closet and sort through a bin of books. I’ve been putting this off for months and now that it’s all said and done I’m wondering why it took me so long to just get it over with! I also managed to put our tree up!! Yay!! We don’t have any ornaments on it and usually on any other holiday season I would already be prepared but like I’ve mentioned (somewhere) before, I’m just not really into the holiday spirit this year.


It might still look like a bit of a mess but trust me, this is a lot cleaner than it was. I CAN ACTUALLY SEE THE FLOOR. I seriously catch myself staring in amazement over that. That’s so sad lol.

Snow spent all day yesterday crying incredibly loud. I don’t know what’s gotten into her! I think she’s just lonely sometimes. She was also crying outside of our door at like 6AM this morning. Because of my OCD I can hardly let her in. It sucks, big time. I did manage to let her in for awhile and the one time I let her in she doesn’t make a beeline for under the bed, she decides to sniff everything and bump her bushy tail into all my stuff. I still haven’t disinfected it but I’m trying really hard not to. She’s a clean girl, it’s just — ugh. My OCD.

Today M had work but we went out after to get a really late lunch (I hadn’t ate all day and I was starving) and I had to get pads/tampons. I know, so exciting. I also treated myself to some Tinkerbell fruit snacks. I’m so ready for the holidays to be over already. The crowds, fighting for a parking spot (just to get lunch!), traffic and alla this stuff is just… tiring! I’m ready for Spring already.

We stopped by ULTA after lunch and they were giving out free candies. At least, we think they were free. They were in little buckets by the door. M got me two mini candy canes and this peppermint candy. Mmm. I hardly ever have candy canes anymore but I like the mini ones. The normal size ones are too much of a commitment for me.


Snow tried to steal one of my candy canes. WHERE did she think she was going to go with that?! Uhm no. That’s where mommy draws the line lol. I did light the tree tonight with her, she seemed more interested in chewing on it than admiring the lights with me. Cats!

I went to go look for gifts and I got distracted, now I have no idea what I was talking about lol! I started a new book Wallbanger which is pretty snarky lol but it’s not what I’m suppose to be reading. Ah, I’ll get around to those — tomorrow. Also M just bought my gift from Sephora. Yes, from Sephora. It’s my hand creams. I know, not exciting but at least it’s something I need and use. I actually can’t live without them these days since the dry cold air is drying the hell out of my hands to the point where my eczema is going to start cracking any day now. Ah well, there wasn’t anything I really wanted so this will do.

I’m going to try to nurse this headache before bed.


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