I hate being sick…

Once upon a time I actually liked being sick. You know the good feeling of melting into your bed because all your limbs ache? I loved that feeling. That was the best part of being sick — your limbs aching. Because cuddling under the covers was just that much better. But that was in high school, when you didn’t have to worry about much other than school (and maybe a slight part time job).

Now that I’m older (and I have this constant obsession with beating time) I hate being sick. I hate feeling like I’m not able to function (this goes for the days with awful headaches too) and knowing that I won’t get anything significant done today.

I woke up at around 7am, like I usually do and made a to-do list while I was half asleep. I knew I didn’t feel good so I didn’t make it too extensive, just productive. It was mostly getting blogging and reading done. And I went back to sleep. Husband got up at around 11-ish I think and I told him I didn’t feel good so he tucked me in and I didn’t get up until 130pm because I wanted to. He insisted I still stay in bed. He never insists I stay in bed, esp when I’m sick. Usually.

I started reading A Christmas Carol and I tried to finish the other two books I started on and I remembered I have two other books I need to read before my lend at the elibrary is up. But sadly, I didn’t finish any books today. Which sucks. I’ve been in a bit of a reading rut the last few weeks and this simply just won’t do! Ugh. I didn’t get any of my blogging I wanted to get done, done. So that sucks too. I might just have to force myself to crank them all out after I eat dinner soon.

I did figure out what the eff that stinging sensation on my index finger was — my eczema cracked. I have to admit, it’s been a very long time since that’s happened. Sometimes I’ll scratch myself cuts in my sleep when it gets bad but my eczema cracking on its own hasn’t happened in awhile. So while this little cut is driving me effen nuts, I’m thankful for the gap between this crack and the last. Snow also managed to pull her foot claws out last night when I was trying to cuddle her and cut two little holes on the palm of my right hand. Surprisingly they don’t hurt but they look gross. Thanks sweet pea.

I hope I feel better tomorrow. I have shit to do.


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