Signs that I’m sick

Every year when I start coughing my little bitty lungs out and walking around the house groaning because I feel so miserable, my dad feels the need to mention “did you get your flu shot? you’re going to get sick!” but the truth is, I haven’t gotten my flu shot since probably 2005 and I haven’t had the flu since then either. That’s a lie. I’m sure I had it once since then. Wait does Strep Throat count? Maybe not so okay, maybe I’m not lying. But when I did take the flu shot growing up I was always, without fail, sick with an insane flu by New Years.

Okay so I feel like shit right now. My nose and left eye are running, I can’t breathe, I haven’t slept properly in 4 nights because I’ve been up coughing and yesterday I started sneezing those nasty spity sneezes where you can’t help but say “fuck” after every single one cause you’re so angry that you’re miserable. But I don’t have a fever and I’m still able to do laundry and make dinner (which I did last night). You know it’s awful when even when you’re achy and miserable you’re still doing chores.

M has actually grounded me from leaving the house while I’m sick (oh and my left eye is twitching — probably from lack of sleep) because it’s “too cold” to be outside. Which is strange. He’s set on making me rest until I’m better but wasn’t he the one who said it’s better to move around when you’re sick than sleep all day before? Ugh, I don’t know but it’s almost Christmas and it’s almost moving time so resting isn’t on my to-do list.

A clear sign I’m sick is that KFC Chicken Pot Pies and Dr. Pepper are my comfort food. I don’t even know how to why but it’s what I crave even though half the time I can’t taste anything (oh isn’t that just the worst? When you’re craving and you can’t taste anything?! Yet you can always taste medicine. I wonder if they do that on purpose…)

I also crave hugs and cuddles. And it disgusts me! Not a fan of being emotionally needy. Ugh, maybe I’ll lay down for a little while and read on my Kindle.


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