We do dumb shit when we think the world will end

Here we are, December 21st 2012.

Now there are some people who are saying it won’t come into effect until 6pm but it’s December 22nd in France right now, so…

The last time the world was suppose to “end” I wrote a letter to a guy I liked that I liked him. Folded it up and told him not to open it until some day, this was before winter break so yeah, there was a stretch of two weeks to choose from. Anyway, this was in 1999 (you know, before Y2K) so I don’t remember if he mentioned that he read the letter or if he didn’t but I’m pretty sure since the world had not ended (like it was suppose to and swallow me whole) I avoided him for probably a month. Which is pretty impressive considering it’s hard  to avoid someone during band practice when your have a tiny band.

Back then I was absorbed in happily ever after and how amazing a relationship would be… you know, all the thoughts you have before you ever end up in a relationship? Yeah, those. But I was a really quiet and shy person. I was also really awkward but I had a tiny flame of determination. I had the whole live-with-no-regrets thing and so while I told guys I liked them, I didn’t really know where to go from there and I didn’t really know the best way to tell them. Then again, when you’re like 14 is there even a “best way” to tell someone you like them? At that age everyone else is pretty awkward (even the popular kids, they just hide it better).

Looking back on it, that was sorta silly, wasn’t it? I mean, in a way? Who the heck writes someone a letter to pour out their feelings for them because the world might end? Like what’s the other person suppose to do with that?

Though I  guess there are other people who do much worse things when they think the world is going to end…


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