2013 Resolutions

I can’t believe I haven’t written one of these posts yet!

I don’t have any epic resolutions for this year since I know I’ll be busy for most of it and I don’t want to feel like a failure. But of course I can’t go a year without resolutions. I like writing lists too much for that!

  • Read 60 books

I managed to read 60 books last year when I was to read only 50 so I have confidence that I can do that again this year. Especially since last year I had about a million and one reading funks to begin with. One day I’ll be ambitious enough to read 100 books! In addition to reading 60 books I also want to be better about reading and reviewing my books for review. Especially my Vine books!

  • Take more pictures

I tend to take a lot of pictures already but I always feel like I could be taking more pictures. In addition to taking more pictures I also want to blog more with pictures.

  • Craft more

I was suppose to craft more in 2012. I was suppose to make witch hats and top hats but I never got around to it. I want to learn how to make witch/top hats in 2013 and I also want to crochet and knit.

  • Welcome change

As an Aries I like change, as long as I’m the one in charge of the change. When something else is in charge of the change it makes me nervous. I’m sure lots of people can relate to this but I want to be better at welcoming change.

  • Cook & Bake more

I miss baking and I had fun coming up with new things to cook when we lived on our own last time so I’m hoping to dabble more into cooking and getting back into baking!

  • Get a massage

Seriously. I’ve never had one before! It might be fun!

  • Learn French

One day I will dammit!


Relaxing is so hard for me to do! I always feel like I have to be moving, doing something. I need to learn to put aside a day to just relax and do nothing. Well, maybe start watching some TV shows I had always meant to start but never did. Anything that doesn’t require me to work on anything — not a blog, not laundry, not cleaning, nothing!

See, nothing too epic! What are some things you hope to do/accomplish this year?



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