So I never found that key…

So regarding that luggage key I lost… yeah I never found it. M decided to just buy clippers and ended up cutting the pad lock. Ho hum. I wonder where that key is considering I ended up cleaning my whole freakin room floor last night and it was still nowhere to be found. How strange! Now I’m spending tonight doing a few last loads of packing laundry, finishing up packing everything up and hopefully sorting this room out into piles of things that need to either be sold (books) or donated.

My eczema is super acting up because 1) it’s cold and 2) I’m touching a lot of different textured things so that pretty much agitates it. Cool right? Except, not really. I had to run cold water on my hands last night and when I attempted to put on heavy hand cream it stung like crazy so badly I had to sit on the floor and just cry. On the upside, at least my skin didn’t crack. Thank goodness for that. I was expecting to wake up this morning to find blood all over my hands. But no, they’re just swollen and numb. Better than bleeding!

Two more loads of laundry and I’m almostttttt done packing 😀

Off to get things done!


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