The busy bee

I feel like it’s been forever since I last posted in here! Probably because it has been lol. The shitty thing about working for Disney in the program is that the first two or so weeks suck. It’s nothing but waking up at 6AM in order to catch the provided bus to be at work by 8AM for training’s or classes. Even as a returning Cast Member, since I’ve been gone for over a year I have to redo almost all of my training. Thank goodness I don’t have to redo my elearning because really, I’d rather spend that time bashing my head against a train track. Just sayin.

The apartment doesn’t feel like home yet. And that’s pretty expected since I pretty much just got here. My OCD has been a little bit better, and I know within time, when it does start feeling like “home” the OCD will get much better. It’s all just part of the waiting game.

My new work location is okay. It’s really quiet and slow. Something I’m not use to since I use to work at the busy busy Downtown Disney West Side and mostly in Candy Cauldron where it was always busy. Especially at night. I loved it! But the busiest one of my new locations gets is the breakfast rush for about half an hour. So that’s going to take some getting use to — trying to find things to do when there’s no guests. M was put back in his previous park but in a different area. No joke, I swear everyone at that park tends to look like they hate their lives. Except the people who work quick service. Isn’t that a trip? lol

It’s finally my day off, so I got to sleep in. Which means I woke up super refreshed at 9AM. Kinda cool since at home I’d wake up at noon-ish but kinda sucks cause really, what the fuck lol but it’s all good, I’ll take it! Gotta run some errands before M comes home today then gotta return my work shoes because those don’t work either (dammit, I hate finding work shoes) and probably hit a park since we got time. I need to start working on my blogs but I just don’t have time to read or blog lately. Hoping that after all this training is done and my schedule starts to solidify that I’ll have time to do both!

Gonna do a little bit more relaxing and start on those errands.


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